As a merchant, what can I do with my FencyCoins? Where can I spend them?

FencyCoins (FC) can be spent at any participating merchants on the Fency network (online or in-store) and with any individual who has the Fency Mobile App as long as they are within a coin's respective Fency radius.
  • Buy goods & services from other Fency Merchants by generating an invoice with your Fency terminal.
  • Pay yourself or your employees using Fency Payroll on your Fency Terminal
  • Re-distribute FC as customer rewards instead of creating new ones on credit card transactions. This will reset the radius of those coins to your merchant location.
  • Save them
  • We'll buy them back from you if you need US Dollars

Article ID: 18, Created On: 7/10/2018, Modified: 7/10/2018

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