What if I just use the mobile app to accept FencyCoins for my business?

You can!

If you run a really small or hobby business, the Fency App may be all you need without the monthly cost of being a full Fency Merchant.

There are limitations of the app as a merchant tool though.
The Fency Mobile App is unable to process credit cards, redeem FC for fiat currency, or migrate a FencyCoin's geographic fence. Only active Fency Merchant accounts can do this via their POS systems & Fency Terminals.You will also be unable to pay any employees using Fency Payroll.

You will only be able to transfer and receive FencyCoins within their radius from other Fency App users. There will be no transaction fees for these transfers, but they will only be FC-to-FC transactions.

Article ID: 17, Created On: 7/10/2018, Modified: 7/10/2018

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