What happens if I forget my phone but want to spend my FC?

Fency operates its rewards network differently

In many cases, a customer may NEVER need their phone to spend FC at a Fency Merchant.

When you swipe any linked debit or credit card (it has to be linked to your Fency Account) at a participating Fency Merchant, the network will automatically know it is you and check your FC balance at that merchant location. If there is sufficient balance to cover the total price, the Fency touchscreen in front of you at checkout will ask whether you want to proceed with your card or use your FC bonus balance.

You can also set defaults in your account to always use FC when you have enough to cover a transaction, creating a faster checkout experience.

So there's no need to worry about dead batteries or a forgotten mobile phone.

Article ID: 14, Created On: 6/28/2018, Modified: 7/17/2018

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