Fency Systems building universal debt reduction platform

Tackle your credit card debt, no matter what your credit score is...

We're taking a new approach to helping consumers manage their credit card debt.

The people that need debt help the most are the least likely to qualify for it. So we developed a method with the greatest impact on improving credit and reducing debt, while making sure you aren't committing to something you can't afford.

Our system analyzes spending profiles and makes the best investment in a debt paydown structure that we think will help each person eliminate debt best.

Even high risk accounts will see incremental savings in the first few months while we make sure they can manage a good baseline without overdrawing their account or increasing debt. The better we see someone managing their money, the more we're willing to advance toward future card payments.

Our method also means that consumers pay much less in interest and never miss a credit card payment since we're making the minimums. No more late fees!

We're going to trust you on day one!

Saturday, September 28, 2019 1:10 PM